Eat Colors for Color

To all my bronze skinned beauties, who doesn’t want to look bronzier, glowier, and sexier?! Well, here’s yet another reason to eat your vegetables. As fall, and subsequently winter, grows nearer and nearer you don’t want to lose that beach bunny glow and get all pale and ashy looking, do you? So think carotenoids.

What are carotenoids? They are what makes carrots orange and tomatoes red. It gives all the red, yellow and orange produce their bright, beautiful color. Yes, they are super healthy for your immune system and fight the signs of aging, but did you know they can even make your skin appear tanner (read bronzier).





I am always looking for natural ways to make my skin glowy, but I still get paler in the winter so I think this is worth looking into. In the winter I also tend to trade in my fresh summer salads for foods that are more comfort/carb based. Mac n cheese, pasta of all sorts, anything comforting and heavier to chase away the snowy blues. These foods unfortunately do nothing for my complexion.

Fruits and vegetables rich in carotenoids like watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkin, oranges, and more will give you that sunshine state glow like no other foods can. Eat them with avocado or avocado oil for maximum absorption. They will make your skin naturally tan better and appear bronzier and therefore more beautiful. This applies to ALL skin shades. Research has found that the tan skin coloring from carotenoids is perceived as more attractive than the tan coloring attributed to actual sun tanning. Plus carotenoids fight cancer versus contributing to it.




Side note: Isn’t it interesting that these carotenoid rich food colors (red, orange, and yellow) also happen to correlate with the chakras that govern creativity? Creativity also includes attraction and reproduction energies (looking good and feeling yourself!). Also, I notice that the Yoruba orisha Oshun, an image of beauty that is said to said to assist with attraction and therefore manifestation, is also believed to favor pumpkins, honey, and watermelon as offerings. Is it possible that all these things could be related?

We know vegetables are good for us and most of us have heard that we should “eat our colors”, but did we know that we could also get bronzier, tanner skin as a result too? I don’t know about you, but I’ll be shopping the rainbow in the produce section from now on. I need that Jada Pinkett-Smith glow!


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