Honey for Face

Honey makes a great facial beauty product. It is a natural humectant, a moisture locker. It is also an antibacterial that happens to leave your skin feeling baby, buttery soft and smooth. Plus it is easy to use. Just take a couple of teaspoons and get to finger painting on your face! You can add a couple drops of water to make it smear more easily, but if you splash your face beforehand it should be fine.

A note: we are not talking about the honey you see in the plastic honey bear at the store. That stuff is so processed it can barely be called honey anymore. We are talking raw, unfiltered honey. All natural and organic labels don’t mean the same thing and may not be as effective due to processing. Even Wal-mart is known to carry at least 1 or 2 brands of the good stuff now, too.

We absolutely LOVE HONEY for our face. Why:


  • Effective Cleanser: Opens pores for deep cleansing
  • Super Moisturizer: Adds a healthy luminescent glow due to deep conditioning
  • Acne fighter: Is a natural Antibacterial so fights and prevents acne
  • Scar Healer: Is a natural healing balm so will heal old scars from acne and other complexion abusers
  • Sexy preserver: Prevents signs of aging due to high antioxidant and vitamin content
  • Cheap: Is pretty inexpensive compared to over the counter cleansers
  • Gentle: Contains no harsh chemicals, perfumes or dyes to irritate your most valuable real estate: your face


Besides your face, it has tons of uses so it’s just good to have around. Besides, while you’re pampering your face you can spoon some into your tea too!


Honey can be used as a DIY face mask, especially in the winter when the air is so dry and your skin is struggling to rebalance itself. If your skin is like mine, it acts up the most in the winter. Honey can soothe and moisturize, taking some of the stress off your skin and you (who probably freaks out that you’ve lost that radiance of former seasons). Simply smear onto a moist face and let sit for 15 to 30 minutes. It is not a drying mask so you can rest easy with those cucumbers over your eyes even if you happen to indulge and catch a cat nap. Gently remove with warm washcloth. Be sure to remove well, especially around those baby hairs.

Honey can also be mixed with a natural exfoliator such as baking soda to make a DIY (and cheap) facial scrub. This is also great to keep oily skin balanced or acne prone pores clear. Your skin will glow and be smoother than you’ve ever felt it!

Honey can also serve as an on the spot acne treatment. Its antibacterial properties help to kill the pimple party in your pores and double as an anti-inflammatory to bring down some of the swelling. It works as kind of a natural Neosporin to soothe acne related issues sooner.  Manuka honey is known to have the highest antibacterial content.

Back to the Neosporin property: Have a cut, bump, bruise, eczema patch, burn or otherwise delicate situation happening on your face? Well, we can’t think of any better cleanser to use than this natural healing balm. It will calm and cleanse and is as gentle as a mother’s touch. Plus it rinses really easily once you splash it with water so you don’t have to scrub or irritate your skin anymore to get it off.

So if you are looking for an all-natural cleanser that is affordable, will have your skin looking bomb, and is time tested to be all help and no hurt, look in your cabinet for some honey. Plus, it fixes boo boos on your kids. Can it get any better?!


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