Will the Real Hip Hop Please Stand Up?!


Hip hop is a love of mine- a deep love based on experience and relevance. Just like old friends. It is a savior. It is art.Through the eyes of hip hop many horrible struggles have been transformed into inside jokes with myself.

Hip hop is a chance to exhale and let someone tell your story when you no longer have the energy to. Hip hop fights for us, soothes us. Hip hop is a friend in the dark moments of the soul. Hip hop is not to be confused with some of the fuckery we’ve been hearing lately.

Hip hop is a guide for a sub culture that although not in the media is still a real culture. Hip hop represents us. Hip hop is a protective big brother giving us advise that is relevant. It is a friend that assures us everything will be okay, and tells us why and how.

Hip hop kisses our tears and tells us we are not what they say, we are kings and queens and are worthy.



Where has my friend gone? Where is the love we shared? Were the words always so hurtful? Or did I not hear them when I was just a girl. Before I had been cheated on. Before I was a woman who yearned to be more than a sex symbol. Before I had children of my own. Is it me who has changed or you?

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