Gemstone (Science) Magic

Diamonds, emeralds, rubies oh my!! Who wouldn’t want to adorn their self with these beauties from head to toe? Maybe a ruby anklet. A gold choker. Diamonds at the wrists. Emerald pendants. One day that’s going to be me. But we can hardly call this contemporary fashion. All those movies where the woman inherits the treasure chest of jewelry passed down from generation to generation is a dream come true, but why are these little rocks and pebbles so valuable?

Let’s go back, way back, back into time. For centuries and in all cultures, gemstones have been used for protection, love, money, and health. Ayurveda medicine still incorporates them today for their assistance in healing ailments of the mind, body and spirit. Gemstones have historically been used in talismans and amulets to boost the intentions of the user. An early cuneiform tablet gives a list of stones and their abilities to assist in conception and birth, to inspire love (or hate).

Gemstones are mentioned in the Bible and the Quran. The birthstones we love originate from Aaron, the High Priest’s, breastplate. The 4th Heaven in the Quran is made of carbuncle (garnet). From what was probably the 6th century, we have the ancient sacred (probably Buddhist) treatise Ratnapariksha of Buddhabhatta. The treatise ranks the gems according to caste (diamonds are highly ranked). In Europe during the Renaissance period gemstones were frequently used alongside herbs for a variety of issues. Amulets were banned from the Christian church in 355AD but gemstones were still used, especially in ecclesiastical rings in the 12th century. Turquoise has been used worldwide for health and strength and still is.

Want to walk like an Egyptian queen? Adorn yourself from head to toe in Lapiz Lazuli. Royalty such as the likes of Cleopatra even crushed the stone to wear over their eyes (blue eyeshadow idea?). The powder over the eyes was thought to bring enlightenment and awareness, which any royal leader could use. Ground galena (lead ore) was also used to make kohl eyeshadow.

Other than these fabulous cosmetic uses, the ancient Egyptians also used gems in jewelry and talismans to fight off evil spirits. Clear crystal quartz was included in burial to guide loved ones through the afterlife. Other gems, such as emeralds, were used to promote intentions of wealth and health.

Jade, besides being absolutely gorgeous and of a calming color, has been used for centuries for its special properties. The Chinese are still using jade as a way to ensure good health and prosperity in general, the same way their ancestors did. Some ancient Chinese emperors were even buried in jade armor 1000 years ago.

So what did all these people across space and time know? We’ll never really know how they knew, but they did know something. Since then, Nikola Tesla has proved that all things in the universe are energy and have their own vibration and frequency. Yes, like a radio frequency. We know that radio frequencies are very real (because we all have a radio and can hear the sound). Well Nikola Tesla showed that all things, like gemstones, vibrate in our own energy field.

Have you ever just had a hunch about something? Have you ever walked into a space and just felt peaceful, or walked into a room and just felt like something was wrong? Those were the vibrations we’re talking about. By the physical law of resonance, the vibrations that come from all things create a larger vibrational field that affects our nervous system, which in turn sends information to our brain. These messages can actually create shifts in our biochemistry for positive changes.

It can be really fun researching the properties of different gemstones and crystals. So whether you are just in love with that moonstone pendant or just adore those diamond earrings, go out and be fabulous with purpose!


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