Feeling Like A Million Bucks

I think about that phrase differently now. How do you feel about money? Does it make you feel like you’d be on top of the world if you had it? Like all your worries would dissipate and be replaced with wild adventures and benevolent pursuits? Sometimes we think like that, but are we feeling it?

I’m a big believer in the Law of Attraction (see the book and movie “The Secret”). The Secret was one of the first explanations I encountered on how the Law of Attraction actually relates to real life and the things that we want to happen for us. I learned that feeling was the gas to the car that we build with our dreams.

Like many of us, I learned early on that wealth would help me achieve freedom to do the things I wanted to do and when I wanted to do them. So I focused on manifesting that. I realized that it seemed pretty difficult for me to focus on it for some reason. Then I watched a video that broke it down for me.

The video suggested that you first spend considerable time examining how you feel about wealth. This felt like an unnecessary step, but because I was failing I decided to just go with it. The video couldn’t be that long. I was urged to imagine I had the wealth that I supposedly wanted already and sit with that feeling. Then I was instructed to pinpoint how I felt at that moment, imagining that I already had the wealth. I was surprised by what I found out about myself.

Honestly, I felt uncomfortable. When I thought about that uncomfortable feeling I realized that it was a mixture of worry, paranoia and shame. It was like I was a little worried that people would know I was rich and they would hate me. I felt ashamed to be rich when those around me were struggling. I think I even felt like I wasn’t the one who deserved to be wealthy.The realization that these were the messages I had been sending out into the universe hit me like a ton of bricks.

Money is just an idea and a tool. But it’s not enough to just know that. We have to feel and believe it. The more you feel good about money and having it, the more of that feeling you are going to get. You will manifest it, and I’ve seen it working (woop woop!).

We know we are not the only ones who were raised to be awfully cheap in a household that went beyond conservative (understatement, I’m being nice). Like many, we were equipped with no financial literacy and then were thrown into the world to support ourselves as teens. Well needless to say, many mistakes were made. Being fearful and ignorant is a bad  combination.

Like attracts like and “You get what you give” is not just a phrase but a law. Emotions create energy so feeling good, and normal, about being rich is necessary if we expect wealth to be our norm. We attract the things that we resonate with vibrationally. Vibration is feeling so think (and feel) like a million bucks. If that’s what you really want…

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