Food Ordeal

Food. It is pretty important stuff. Traditionally offered to the gods and ancestors as acknowledgement and in exchange for blessings. Now we break bread at almost every single milestone.

But what if we offered some of the food we eat to the powers that be? Don’t know how a fast food anything would hold up as offerings. It kind of makes you think about how we treat our own bodies when it comes to food.

We over here, we LOVE food! Every event revolves around food for us. Soul food, traditional Mexican cuisine, good ol’ (Black) American barbeque. We are also huge fans of Thai and Filipino foods, Japanese, African, Indian, anything spicy… Relics of being raised in California’s ceramic pot of cultures as diverse as us.

We could go on and on, but with all these delicious choices, why do we choose junk so often? Time? Money? We all do it, and no one is perfect. But we like to think of eating as honoring ourselves as the supreme beings that we are. When we eat we are lovin’ on ourselves. Recognize that our bodies are the vessel that can either help or hinder us from lovin’ on others. And we all deserve to give and receive that good lovin.’ Just sayin’…

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