Hair Hair Hair

What is more of a defining characteristic of our people than our hair?! Many of you may even find this blog simply by looking for hair help. (We will offer that too). Part of our awakening was having to learn to care for and love our hair.

That has been a lifelong journey. When I look at curly hair now, I see life, vibration and energy. But it wasn’t always that way. Growing up we were teased and our own parents couldn’t save us. Being of mixed race, our parents each had their own hair texture and didn’t know quite how or what to do with ours.




We felt different from everyone else and our hair seemed to scream in our face that we were horrible caretakers. We needed help desperately. As we grew up, we learned everything from scratch, from trial and error.

Those were some hard lessons. But now we realize how special and beautiful our hair is. Caring for your hair is caring for yourself and raising your vibration. Simply put, it is living in love.


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